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The thrilling trailer for “Femme” has dropped, promising a queer revenge story with a twist.

Drag Queen’s Journey

Jules, a drag artist played by Nathan Stewart-Jarrett, faces a horrific homophobic attack that shatters his life and career.

Unexpected Encounter

Years later, Jules spots his attacker, Preston (George MacKay), at a gay sauna. Recognizing that Preston doesn’t recognize him out of drag, Jules sees an opportunity for revenge.

Blurred Lines

But as the story unfolds, the lines between good and evil blur. Jules’s desire for vengeance becomes intertwined with surprising empathy and moral complexities.

LGBTQ Representation

For those craving LGBTQ characters with flaws and depth, “Femme” delivers. It explores the consequences of violence, the complexities of identity, and the boundaries of revenge.

Release Date

“Femme” hits theaters on March 22 in New York, March 29 in Los Angeles, and April 5 nationwide.