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DMA Forces Apple to Open Up

The Digital Markets Act (DMA) has come into effect in the EU, requiring tech giants like Apple to allow competition on their platforms. This new law has already resolved the conflict between Apple and Epic Games.

Fortnite’s Comeback

After Apple banned Epic Games from competing with its App Store, the DMA intervened. The European Commission investigated and forced Apple to comply with the new regulations. As a result, Fortnite will soon be available on iOS again in the EU.

Apple’s Reversal

Epic Games had planned to create an alternative app store for the EU, but Apple initially blocked their efforts. However, under the DMA, Apple had to allow alternative marketplaces. Epic Games filed a complaint with EU regulators, and by Thursday, the issue was resolved.

DMA’s Impact

Apple’s quick reversal shows the effectiveness of the DMA. It remains to be seen how these new regulations will continue to shape the tech industry in the future.