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Prime Members: Grab Two Free Reads

Prime members can enjoy two free Kindle books this April:

  • One free Kindle book from a curated selection
  • One free short read, including a short story by Margaret Atwood

Non-Prime Members: Affordable Options

Non-Prime members can also get two books for just $1.99 each:

  • One Kindle book
  • One short story

Choose from a Variety of Genres

Prime members can choose their Kindle book from genres like romance, thriller, historical fiction, or mystery.

Read on Your Kindle Device

To enjoy these free books, you’ll need a compatible Kindle device.

Kindle Rewards for Avid Readers

If you’re an avid reader, consider joining Kindle Rewards. You can earn credits for buying books, which can be redeemed for future purchases.

Start Reading Today!

Prime members can enjoy free books this spring, while non-Prime members can get affordable options.