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Display Problems

  • Vivid Display Mode Issue:

    • Some users are experiencing color issues with the Vivid display mode.
    • Colors appear dull or washed out.
    • Samsung claims this is intentional, not a bug.
    • Some users are returning to the Galaxy S23 due to the color issues.

  • Green Line Display Issue:

    • A green or white line appearing vertically on the screen.
    • Samsung is not taking responsibility for the issue.
    • Users are being turned away from Samsung and phone service providers.
    • The issue may be a manufacturing defect.

Camera Issues

  • Faulty Cameras:
    • Some Galaxy S24 Ultra users are receiving defective phones with camera issues.
    • Issues include image shift when switching cameras and grainy or dull photos.
    • Samsung is aware of the issue and is planning a software update to fix it.

Android Auto Issue

  • Connectivity Issues:
    • Some users are experiencing connectivity issues with Android Auto.
    • Samsung recommends checking Android Auto settings, but says the problem lies with car manufacturers.
    • Volkswagen has a known hotspot bug that might require an update from the dealer.