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With Valentine’s Day approaching, singles are re-evaluating their dating habits. Gen Z daters, in particular, are eager to find love, with 90% of them expressing this desire, according to Hinge’s recent report on Gen Z dating trends.

Gen Z’s Unique Dating Challenges

Compared to millennials, Gen Z singles are more likely to feel nervous about talking to new people and less confident on first dates due to the pandemic. Additionally, 44% of Gen Z daters have limited dating experience, and 95% worry about rejection. These statistics are based on surveys conducted in August 2023 among over 15,000 global Hinge users.

Embrace Cringe, Find Love

Despite these challenges, Gen Z daters are more likely to believe in soulmates and consider themselves romantically idealistic. Hinge’s love and connection expert, Moe Ari Brown, encourages Gen Z daters to embrace cringe, which refers to feelings of embarrassment or awkwardness when stepping outside their comfort zones. Brown suggests shifting focus away from fear and towards the potential rewards of making meaningful connections.

Digital Body Language (DBL)

Hinge also identified “Digital Body Language” (DBL) as a Gen Z dating trend. DBL refers to the communication style used in digital interactions to express information. Gen Z daters are more comfortable chatting online than in person and often delay responding to someone they’re interested in to appear nonchalant.

Tips for Gen Z Daters

Hinge provides some tips for Gen Z daters to navigate the dating world successfully:

  • Embrace cringe: Acknowledge and accept feelings of awkwardness or embarrassment when dating.
  • Be consistent: Maintain consistent communication to show interest.
  • Keep messages relaxed:
    Use a relaxed yet action-oriented tone in your messages.
  • Pay attention to DBL: Observe digital body language cues to gauge interest.

For more insights into Gen Z dating trends, check out Hinge’s full report.