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Google is stepping up to help nonprofits harness the power of AI. The tech giant has launched the Accelerator: Generative AI program to provide funding, training, and mentorship to 21 nonprofits that are already using or planning to use AI in their work.

Nonprofits Using AI for Impact

The nonprofits involved in the program are using AI in a variety of ways, including:

  • AI-powered assistants and coaches for caseworkers and students
  • AI-powered search interfaces for climate law and policy databases
  • Generative AI fact-checking tools for misinformation
  • AI-powered legal guidance for immigrants
  • AI-powered research into non-degree career paths

Notable Participants

Among the nonprofits participating in the accelerator are:

  • The World Bank, which is developing an AI tool to help policymakers extract research findings more efficiently.
  • Benefits Data Trust, which is building an AI-powered assistant for caseworkers helping low-income individuals access government benefits.
  • CareerVillage, which is expanding its AI Career Coach for underrepresented individuals.
  • Jacaranda Health, which is using an NLP tool trained in African languages to provide digital health services to mothers.

Google’s AI Agenda

Google’s support for AI in nonprofits is part of its broader AI Opportunity Agenda, which aims to promote the responsible development and use of AI for social good. The agenda includes recommendations for building a global AI workforce and providing grants and training to businesses and organizations.

AI’s Potential for Nonprofits

Google believes that AI has the potential to transform the work of nonprofits by:

  • Automating tasks and freeing up time for human interaction
  • Providing personalized support and guidance to beneficiaries
  • Improving data analysis and decision-making
  • Enhancing access to information and services