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Google Pay is shutting down in the United States to focus on its payment services through Google Wallet. The standalone Google Pay app will no longer be available in the US after June 4, 2024.

Google Wallet: The More Popular Alternative

Google Wallet, a mobile app for Android users, is five times more popular than Google Pay. It can store credit cards for tap-to-pay, digital IDs, and public transit passes, making it a more versatile option.

Google Pay Users: What to Do

Google Pay users can continue using the app until June 4. After that, they can transfer funds from their account to their bank account through the Google Pay website. However, sending, requesting, or transferring money through the app will no longer be possible.

Google’s History of Product Shutdowns

Google has a history of launching products and later shutting them down or merging them into other products due to lack of demand or commercial interest. Examples include Jamboard, Stadia, and Google Play Music.


The closure of Google Pay in the US is just one of many Google products that have been discontinued. Google Pay users will still be able to use the app until June 4 and can transfer funds from their account after that.