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OpenAI’s highly anticipated GPT-5 model, which powers ChatGPT, is reportedly just a few months away. According to Business Insider, OpenAI is expected to release the new language model this summer.

Enterprise Feedback

Enterprise customers who have access to the GPT-5 demo rave about its capabilities. “It’s really good, like materially better,” said one CEO.

Release Timeline

The release of GPT-5 depends on successful “red-teaming,” which involves testing the model for ethical and safety concerns.

Competition and Expectations

GPT-5 has sparked a flurry of excitement, with tech giants like Google, Microsoft, and Apple developing their own generative AI tools. Google’s Gemini, powered by GPT-5, is expected to be integrated into the iPhone.

OpenAI’s Ambitions

OpenAI CEO Sam Altman has hinted that GPT-5 will be a significant improvement over GPT-4, describing it as “amazing.”


Despite OpenAI’s advancements, it has faced controversies, including questions about the training data used for its video generator, Sora, and lawsuits related to copyright infringement.