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A Mismatched Pair

Imagine Shakespearean tragedy colliding with rocket launchers fired at police helicopters by men in silly hats. That’s the bizarre and captivating world of “Grand Theft Hamlet.”

A Video Game Shakespeare

The film follows two actors who attempt to stage a full-length Hamlet in the violent world of Grand Theft Auto. Their mission is both absurd and surprisingly touching.

The Lockdown Project

“Grand Theft Hamlet” is a product of the COVID-19 pandemic, capturing the absurdity of isolation in a way few films have. It explores the search for community and emotional connection through the lens of video games.

Theatrical Misadventures

The actors’ quest to stage Hamlet in GTA is fraught with hilarious challenges. In-game cops and other players disrupt their rehearsals, leading to accidental deaths and frustrated actors.

A Reflection on Mortality

Despite the absurdity, “Grand Theft Hamlet” is also a poignant meditation on death. The constant violence of the game juxtaposes the play’s themes of vengeance and inevitability, creating a unique and thought-provoking experience.

Personal Struggles

The film delves into the personal lives of the actors, exploring how the pandemic and the play’s themes intersect with their own experiences. The romantic relationship between the two directors becomes a central fixture, adding another layer to the film’s emotional journey.

Art and the Human Experience

“Grand Theft Hamlet” is an unconventional work of art that blurs the lines between performance and reality. The actors’ avatars become both philosophers and personal projections, reflecting on the human experience in a deeply moving and humorous way.