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Spring is a great time to find deals on TVs, and Amazon’s Big Spring Sale has plenty of options for those looking for a budget-friendly upgrade.

55-Inch TVs

  • Amazon 55-inch Omni 4K Fire TV: $369.99 (save $180 with Prime)

65-Inch TVs

  • Hisense 65-inch R6 4K TV: $399.99 (save $400)

75-Inch TVs

  • TCL 75-inch Q6 QLED TV: $599.99 (save $300)

Other Deals

In addition to the above, there are also deals on smaller TVs and premium models from brands like Samsung and LG.

Key Features to Look For

When choosing a TV, consider the following features:

  • Screen size: 55-inch to 75-inch TVs are popular choices.
  • Resolution: 4K resolution provides sharp images.
  • HDR: HDR (High Dynamic Range) enhances brightness and color.
  • Motion smoothing: Motion Rate 240 or higher reduces blur during fast-paced scenes.
  • HDMI ports: Multiple HDMI ports allow you to connect multiple devices.