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Possible Clues:

  • Full Bathtub: A bathtub filled with dark liquid. A sign of something to come or a metaphor?
  • Orange: An orange rolling on the road. Later seen underwater and discarded by a local.
  • One-Eyed Polar Bears: A stuffed toy and a real-life polar bear, both with one eye.
  • Dead, Frozen Figures: The missing scientists from the research station, frozen in the ice.
  • Tsalal Arctic Research Station Sign: The show’s main setting, where Danvers begins her investigation.
  • Woman Sinking Under Ice: Foreshadowing or a metaphor? Possibly an APF officer.
  • Deer Skull: A reference to the animals driven mad by the oncoming long night?
  • Bloody Clothes: Washing bloody clothes, possibly cleaning up a crime scene.
  • Smashed Car Windscreen: A broken windscreen, signifying a car accident in the past or future.
  • Stacked Tubes:
    Cylindrical tubes found at the research station, used for sequencing DNA.
  • Grave Markers: Crucifixes with dates marked 2023, representing stillbirths in Ennis.
  • Protest Sign: A glimpse of protest signs, highlighting an environmental struggle.
  • Laboratory: Part of the Tsalal Arctic Research Station.
  • Curved Archway: Bones or something else on the side of the road.
  • Deer: A deer with glowing eyes, possibly the living version of the one found underwater.
  • Circular Hatch: A hatch floating underwater, connected to the research station.

Changing Final Frame:

  • Episode 1: Inside an ice cave, possibly where Annie was killed.
  • Episode 2: A shrine-like wall of photos and lights, found in Raymond Clark’s trailer.
  • Episode 3: A fishing hut on the ice, belonging to Eddie Qavvik.
  • Episode 4: A car on the ice with a winter coat underneath, possibly belonging to Otis Heiss.
  • Episode 5: An area of the mine where Hank Prior and Kate McKittrick discuss intercepting Otis Heiss.

How to Watch:

True Detective airs on HBO/Max every Sunday night at 9 p.m. ET/PT.