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Upgraded 12-Foot Skeleton

Home Depot’s iconic 12-foot skeleton, affectionately known as “Skelly,” is back for its fourth year. This time, it’s getting a makeover with new LCD eyes that have eight swappable settings. It’ll still cost $299.

New Skeleton Dog

Joining Skelly is a new skeleton dog, billed as his “loyal pal.” It’s five feet tall and seven feet long, with a posable mouth and blue LCD eyes.

Other Spooky Additions

Other new Halloween props include:

  • A seven-foot animated Frankenstein’s monster
  • A nine-foot headless horseman
  • A seven-and-a-half-foot animated plague doctor
  • A ten-foot “Murderous Maple” tree

Release Date

Home Depot hasn’t announced an official Halloween launch date yet, but they’ve said their exclusive products will arrive “earlier than ever this year.” That likely means late March or early April.