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OpenAI just unleashed a game-changer with Sora, its AI video generator. It’s like magic, turning text into realistic videos that are a minute long.

Can’t Try It Yet, But Here’s What’s Up

Everyone’s wondering if Sora will revolutionize video production, but the bigger question is: how can we get our hands on it?

Well, you can’t… yet. Sora is still in the testing phase, where they’re making sure it doesn’t create anything harmful or inappropriate.

Who’s Getting Access

OpenAI is giving access to a select few artists and filmmakers to get feedback and make sure Sora is helping creative professionals, not replacing them.

Check Out the Demos

While you can’t try it yourself, OpenAI has shared some impressive demo videos. You can also see what Sora can do by requesting videos from CEO Sam Altman on Twitter.

When Can We Get Our Hands on It?

OpenAI hasn’t given a timeline for a public release, so unless you’re a tester, you’ll have to wait and watch the amazing things Sora can do for now.