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So, here’s the scoop – some folks out there got their 3DS consoles banned because they were dabbling in pirated Pokemon Sun and Moon and went online before the official release. Talk about a buzzkill! Now, they’re stuck with a pesky 002-0102 error message whenever they try to play online. It’s like a permanent timeout – no eShop and no fun online gaming, not just for Sun and Moon but for all games.

But guess what? There’s a glimmer of hope. Some lucky souls have managed to unban their 3DS consoles, while others are still stuck in ban-land. In this post, we’re spilling the beans on how to break free from that 002-0102 ban.

You’ll need:

  • The banned 3DS
  • An unbanned 3DS
  • Decrypt9 up and running on both

Here’s the lowdown:

  1. Fire up decrypt9 on the unbanned 3DS.
  2. Select sysnand options and dump LocalFriendCodeSeed_B.
  3. Pop that SD card into your PC and back up the dumped file.
  4. Download nnidsave.bin.
  5. Fire up decrypt9 on the banned 3DS and dump secureinfo_A.
  6. Crack open secureinfo_A in a hex editor. The last line should be your 3DS console ID. Change a few numbers (keeping the first 2 letters) to make a new ID.
  7. Copy the files – LocalFriendCodeSeed_B, nnidsave.bin, and the edited secureinfo_A – into the files9 folder of the banned 3DS.
  8. Hit up decrypt9 on the banned 3DS and inject all three files. Boom, your 3DS is unbanned!

Quick notes:

  1. This guide will get your 3DS back in action on the eShop and online games. Can’t guarantee account-based things like Pokemon Bank still work, but let’s be optimistic.
  2. Your friends list and games stay put.
  3. Heads up – no access to NNID settings after the ban, and your eShop history will vanish.

Now you’re armed with the know-how to unban your 3DS and get back to gaming – just remember, play it cool and stay on the right side of the gaming law!