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Locked PS4 games can be frustrating, leaving gamers wondering why their favorite titles are suddenly inaccessible.

When games are locked on a PS4, it’s often due to the licensing system. The primary console stores licenses locally, eliminating the need for constant revalidation. However, using a secondary console requires an active internet connection for license validation. Any disruptions during this process can result in locked games.

Various factors can contribute to locked PS4 games:

  • Slow or unstable network connections hinder license validation.
  • Invalid or expired licenses prevent access to purchased titles.
  • Account bans restrict communication with the PlayStation Network (PSN), affecting license validation.

To unlock locked PS4 games, follow these methods:

  1. Check Necessary Items: Before attempting other solutions, ensure a stable internet connection, verify account status for any bans, and confirm the billing status of PlayStation Plus subscriptions.
  2. Restart the PS4 Console: Often, issues with game accessibility or account login can be resolved by simply restarting the console.
  3. Restore the License: Restore licenses by logging into the PSN account associated with the purchased game. Navigate to Settings > Accounts administration > Restore Licenses. Then, access the PS4 library, select the locked game, and download it again.
  4. Deactivate Primary Console: Deactivating the primary console can also resolve the issue. Navigate to Account Settings > Account Management > Activate As Primary, then choose Deactivate. Confirm the operation, and the account will be deactivated. Re-enable the option before exiting the tab to regain access to previously locked games.

In conclusion, while locked PS4 games can be frustrating, following these methods can often resolve the issue. Additionally, for other PS4-related problems such as controller malfunctions or system crashes, resources like MiniTool Partition Wizard offer solutions to ensure a seamless gaming experience.