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What is Hubbl?

Hubbl is a game-changer in the world of TV. It’s a combination of hardware and software that brings together your streaming services and free-to-air TV into one easy-to-use interface.

What Does Hubbl Do?

Hubbl simplifies your TV experience by:

  • Combining all your streaming subscriptions onto one platform
  • Merging live TV channels with streaming content
  • Creating personalized watchlists
  • Providing a consistent “Continue Watching” feature

How is Hubbl Different from Smart TVs?

Hubbl goes beyond just providing a home screen for your existing apps. It seamlessly integrates streaming apps with live TV, allowing you to:

  • Find more episodes of a show you’re watching on free-to-air
  • Add shows to your watchlist from multiple apps
  • Watch at your own pace without switching between apps

What Streaming Services Work with Hubbl?

At launch, Hubbl supports a wide range of streaming services, including:

  • Netflix
  • Disney+
  • Prime Video
  • YouTube
  • Apple TV+
  • iView
  • ABC Kids
  • SBS On Demand
  • 7plus
  • 9Now
  • 10 Play

How to Get Hubbl

You have two options to get Hubbl:

  • Hubbl Puck: A small device that connects to your TV via HDMI ($99)
  • Hubbl Glass Smart TV: A smart TV with Hubbl preinstalled, starting at $1,595

How Much Does Hubbl Cost?

  • Hubbl Puck: $99
  • Hubbl Glass 55″: $1,595
  • Hubbl Glass 65″: $1,995

There is no monthly subscription fee for Hubbl, but you will need to pay for any streaming services you subscribe to.

Subscription Bundling

Hubbl offers a “Stack & Save” feature that allows you to save money on your streaming subscriptions. By stacking eligible services (Binge, Kayo, Netflix, Flash, Lifestyle), you can earn discounts on your monthly bill.

Is Hubbl Worth It?

Hubbl offers a seamless and intuitive TV experience. It simplifies content discovery, eliminates the need for multiple apps, and can save you money on your streaming costs. If you’re looking for a better way to watch TV, Hubbl is definitely worth considering.