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What’s Imaginary About?

DeWanda Wise plays Jessica, a stepmom who’s struggling to connect with her new family. As she moves into her childhood home, she encounters a mysterious teddy bear named Chauncey who becomes Alice’s imaginary friend.

A Creepy and Cuddly Threat

Chauncey may look cute, but he’s anything but. He demands obedience, loves scavenger hunts, and is always hungry. As Jessica realizes something’s wrong, she teams up with her daughters to face a ravenous evil.

Familiar Scares, Executed Well

Director Jeff Wadlow uses classic horror tropes like lurking figures and inexplicable toy movements to create effective scares. While the plot may not be groundbreaking, the timing is impeccable, leading to jolting jump scares.

Characters and Plot

The plot is a bit cluttered with characters who feel more like plot devices. However, Wise and Braun deliver strong performances as Jessica and Alice, grounding the movie emotionally. Alice’s transformation under Chauncey’s influence is particularly chilling.

A PG-13 Horror Treat

Despite its PG-13 rating, Imaginary still delivers plenty of frightful fun. The gore is kept at bay, but the creatures are delightfully devilish. The design of Chauncey is smart, blending cuteness with sinister undertones.

A Hit for Slumber Parties and Adults Alike

While Imaginary may not be the most original horror film, it’s a playful and deranged movie that’s sure to be a hit at slumber parties. But don’t be fooled by the PG-13 rating, adults can enjoy its spirited scares too.

Release Date: March 8/p>