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The Rise of Influencers

Over the past decade, social media influencers have become a common sight on red carpets. From TikTokkers asking celebrities absurd questions to YouTubers hosting major events, influencers are increasingly replacing journalists in these spaces.

The Problem with Influencers

While influencers may bring a touch of entertainment to red carpets, they serve a different purpose than journalists. Influencers are paid by studios to create viral content, while journalists work independently to provide objective information.

This shift in focus has led to a decline in the quality of red carpet coverage. Instead of insightful questions, we’re getting viral stunts and meaningless soundbites.

The Impact on Journalism

The loss of access to powerful people for journalists is a serious concern. Red carpets and press junkets may not be the most important sources of news, but they provide a vital opportunity to hold those in power accountable.

The Future of Entertainment Journalism

The rise of influencers on red carpets is a reflection of the changing landscape of entertainment journalism. Young audiences are increasingly consuming their news online, and they prefer short-form, viral videos.

Traditional media outlets are struggling to adapt to this new reality. They need to find ways to create engaging content that appeals to young audiences without sacrificing journalistic integrity.


While influencers may have a place in entertainment journalism, they should not replace journalists. The media has a responsibility to provide objective and informative coverage, and that cannot be compromised for the sake of virality.