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Instagram is giving some creators a “spring bonus” for posting on the platform.

Invite-Only Program

The program is currently invite-only and offers revenue for non-sponsored and non-collaborative content. Creators can earn money for posting reels, carousels, and single images.

Limited Availability

The bonus is currently only available to creators in South Korea, the US, and Japan. However, Instagram plans to expand the program to more creators in the future.

Replacing Reels Play Bonus

This program comes after Instagram discontinued its Reels Play Bonus, which rewarded creators for hitting certain view milestones on their videos. Many creators were disappointed by the loss of this bonus, which paid between $500 and $1,000 per month.

Potential for Wider Expansion

Instagram’s latest bonus program suggests that the platform is still exploring ways to monetize content for creators. If the bonus becomes more widespread, it could provide a significant income stream for those who rely on Instagram for their work.