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What is Instagram Spins?

Get ready for a fresh feature on Instagram: Spins! It lets you switch up the text or sound in existing Reels.

How Does It Work?

When someone creates a popular Reel template, others can use it and customize it by changing the text or audio. For instance, if a creator posts a video of someone making green juice with the caption “self care,” you could use Spins to swap out the text to “happy St. Patty’s day.” The original creator will still get credit for their work.

A Unique Feature for Reels

Unlike many Instagram features that have been inspired by TikTok, Spins is something new. It gives users a way to interact with Reels in a fresh and creative way.

When Will It Be Available?

Spins is currently just an internal prototype, so it’s not available to the public yet. Instagram hasn’t announced when or if it will be released.