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What’s more important, remembering a coworker of 10 years or remembering that Uber Eats can deliver everything from flowers to alcohol? That’s the idea behind Uber Eats’ Super Bowl commercial, where celebrities forget key parts of their public persona to make room for Uber Eats knowledge.

The Main Event: Jennifer Aniston and David Schwimmer

The main example in the commercial is Jennifer Aniston forgetting David Schwimmer or even the TV show Friends altogether. The commercial doesn’t stop there, though. David and Victoria Beckham forget the name of the Spice Girls, Jelly Roll forgets how he got his face tattoos, and Usher forgets he’s performing the Super Bowl halftime show.

Who’s Next?

It’s unclear which celebrity will succumb to Uber Eats forgetfulness next, but one thing is for sure: Uber Eats is making a big splash with this Super Bowl commercial.