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Turturro’s Kinky Art Collector Steals the Show

‘Mr. and Mrs. Smith’ boasts a star-studded cast and an exciting mission-of-the-week format, but it risks overshadowing its main characters. However, John Turturro’s portrayal of a kinky art-collecting real estate mogul named Eric Shane steals the show.

In episode 2, “Second Date,” John (Donald Glover) and Jane Smith (Maya Erskine) attend a silent auction to inject a high-bidder with a truth serum. Their target is Eric, a billionaire with a $15 billion net worth and a fetish for puppy play. When Eric pushes John and Jane into playing out his fantasies, ‘Mr. and Mrs. Smith’ takes a turn that makes the show truly dazzle.

Turturro’s Subtle Confidence and Unconventional Attire

Turturro’s Eric stands out at the black-tie event with his understated look. He wears a simple, dark blue blazer, a white shirt, a pocket square, and a gray scarf, without a tie. This outfit, combined with Turturro’s subtle confidence, suggests that Eric is so wealthy that he doesn’t need to follow dress codes to be part of the inner circle.

Turturro’s History of Playing Unconventional Characters

Turturro is known for playing unexpected and unconventional characters. In ‘Mr. and Mrs. Smith,’ he relishes in playing a character who initially seems ordinary. However, Turturro’s presence hints that Eric is more than just another rich guy.

Eric’s Quiet Demeanor and Unconventional Desires

Eric’s quiet demeanor allows him to blend in, despite Turturro’s captivating screen presence. He speaks in soft, grumbled tones and flirts with a male waiter while talking to Jane. When Jane suggests taking Eric to a private spot and paying a waiter to do whatever they want, Eric looks at John with lust in his eyes.

Turturro’s Intense and Electrifying Performance

When Eric is alone with John and Jane, he comes alive, his posture more rigid and his tone sharper. Turturro nails this shift without going overboard, grounding his character in a way that prevents him from becoming cartoonish. His intensity and excitement feel authentic as he commands John and Jane to get on their knees and act like dogs.

Turturro’s Perfect Balance of Silliness and Vulnerability

Turturro perfectly captures the balance between silliness and vulnerability in his portrayal of Eric. Eric’s exploration of his deepest desires is important to him, and Turturro plays the character with incredible sanctity. However, the situation also has a comedic element, which Turturro taps into when Eric’s vulnerability is exposed.

Turturro’s Performance Revives the Show’s Potential

Before Turturro’s appearance, ‘Mr. and Mrs. Smith’ was struggling to keep my attention. The show’s exciting concept was paired with a low-key approach that felt jarringly mumblecore. Turturro’s gonzo yet controlled performance brings the show’s potential to life.

Eric Shane’s Impact on the Show’s Tone and Possibilities

Eric Shane injects much-needed comedic relief into the show, which had been overly serious until Turturro’s appearance. His character opens up the possibilities of the show, giving a glimpse of the curious directions it might take as its stumbling spies navigate New York. Eric’s presence exposes John and Jane’s vulnerability, making them more relatable and interesting.

Turturro’s Performance Makes ‘Mr. and Mrs. Smith’ a Must-Watch

Overall, John Turturro’s brilliant turn as Eric Shane makes ‘Mr. and Mrs. Smith’ a doggone good time. His performance revives the show’s potential and makes me excited to see what comes next.