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After his return to “The Daily Show,” Jon Stewart went after Tucker Carlson’s controversial interview with Vladimir Putin.

Facial Expressions and Inappropriate Responses

Stewart mocked Carlson’s facial expressions, describing them as a mix of shame, arousal, and irregularity. He also criticized Carlson’s casual response to Putin’s distorted version of WWII history, saying, “It’s hard to do when your face says ‘What the f**k?’ and your mouth says, ‘Of course!'”

Putin’s New Role

Stewart questioned Carlson’s motivations for supporting Putin. He suggested that Carlson sees Putin as an ally in the “woke vs. unwoke” battle, even though Putin is a ruthless dictator.

The Dilemma

Stewart argued that Carlson and others on the right are trying to make Americans more comfortable with Putin’s dictatorship because they view him as an ally in their fight against “wokeness.”