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K-Pop Idols Take Over Fashion Week

As luxury brands embrace the power of K-pop idols, their social media accounts have become battlegrounds for fan armies eager to quantify their influence.

Fan Wars for Social Media Dominance

During Paris Fashion Week, fans created multiple Instagram accounts to boost engagement on posts featuring their favorite idols. Their goal was to increase the star’s media value and desirability to fashion houses.

Quantifying Success in the K-Pop Era

In the past, album sales and chart positions were key indicators of success. However, fans now track YouTube view counts and award show categories to measure their idols’ popularity.

Fashion Partnerships: A New Frontier

Fashion partnerships offer a fresh and authentic way for K-pop artists to showcase their aesthetic appeal. Blackpink has been a pioneer in this area, aligning with high-fashion labels for years.

Individual Ambassadors: A New Strategy

Instead of embracing entire groups, brands now prefer to select individual members who best represent their ethos.

Fans Turn Their Attention to Fashion

As fashion turns its focus to K-pop, fans have followed suit. They create multiple Instagram accounts to boost engagement on posts about their idols and share guides on how to do the same.

Metrics of Influence: MIV and EMV

Fans track Media Value Impact (MIV) and Earned Media Value (EMV) to demonstrate the importance of inviting their idols to fashion shows. These metrics provide tangible proof of their star power.

Fan Pride and Rankings

Fans proudly share these metrics online. Stray Kids member Hyunjin’s photo with Anne Hathaway garnered over 114,000 likes, and he reportedly achieved the top MIV ranking at Milan Fashion Week.