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Best Lego Box Deal

  • Lego Classic Large Creative Brick Box: $33.12 (save $26.87)

This massive box contains 790 pieces in 33 colors, plus windows, doors, and baseplates. It’s perfect for starting or expanding a Lego collection.

Best Lego Spring Deal

  • Lego Icons Bonsai Tree: $39.99 (save $10)

Bring spring indoors with this beautiful cherry blossom tree. It comes with two sets of leaves so you can change them with the seasons.

Best Lego Deal for Kids

  • Lego Disney Princess Moana’s Wayfinding Boat: $28 (save $6.99)

Moana fans will love this 321-piece set that features Moana, her mother, and her iconic catamaran.

Best Lego Deal for Gardeners

  • Lego Icons Succulents: $39.99 (save $10)

Enjoy the beauty of succulents without the hassle of watering. This 771-piece set includes nine different succulents with their own containers.

More Lego Sets on Sale

  • Lego Classic Medium Creative Brick Box: $21.42 (save $13.57)
  • Lego Icons Flower Bouquet: $47.99 (save $12)
  • Lego Ideas Vincent Van Gogh “The Starry Night”: $150 (save $19.99)