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Franky’s Journey

The movie “Silver” is finally hitting theaters after a long run at film festivals. It’s a drama directed by Sacha Polak, who also directed “Dirty God.”

The story follows Franky, a 23-year-old nurse who’s still dealing with the scars of a traumatic arson attack from her childhood. She’s determined to find justice.

A New Love

Franky falls for her patient, Florence. Together, they set off for Florence’s hometown on the coast. There, Franky finds a supportive and stable family environment that’s a far cry from her own. It might be the perfect place for her to finally heal.

Knight’s Award-Winning Performance

Gemma Knight, who plays Franky, won the Teddy Jury Award at the Berlinale Film Festival. She was also nominated for a BAFTA Breakthrough Brit and a British Independent Film Award for her performance. It’s a powerful portrayal that draws on her own childhood experience of surviving a fire.

Release Dates

“Silver” premiered at the Berlin Film Festival last year and has screened at the BFI London Film Festival. It hits theaters in the UK and Ireland on March 29th. The US release date is still to be announced. In the meantime, you can catch it at the BFI: London LGBTQIA+ Film Festival.