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A Father-Daughter Collaboration

Martin Scorsese and his daughter Francesca Scorsese have joined forces to create a charming and entertaining teaser for Squarespace’s upcoming Super Bowl ad. The four-minute clip shows Martin struggling to understand the main character of his short film: a website. Luckily, Francesca is there to help him out.

Technical Difficulties

As Francesca tries to walk her father through the process of creating a website, technical difficulties ensue. Martin struggles with choosing a domain name, selecting fonts, and understanding what a URL is. Francesca can’t help but regret her decision to help her father with this project.

Rants and Regrets

The teaser is filled with hilarious moments, including Martin ranting about aliens, using modern-day slang, and Francesca expressing her regret at ever agreeing to help her father.

Tune in to the Super Bowl

The teaser ends with Martin promising that the final product will “slap.” Be sure to tune into the Super Bowl to see the Scorseses’ final product.