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What is Connections?

The New York Times’ latest word game, Connections, challenges you to find the common thread between four words. Like Wordle, it resets daily, but with increasing difficulty.


  • Group four words that share a common theme.
  • There’s only one correct answer per group.
  • Correct answers remove words from the board.
  • Incorrect guesses count as mistakes (up to four allowed).
  • Rearrange the board for easier connections.
  • Color-coded groups: Yellow (easiest) to Purple (hardest).
  • Share your results on social media.

Today’s Categories

  • Yellow: Annoying finger actions
  • Green: Slithery reptiles
  • Blue: Fantastical objects in Cinderella
  • Purple: Italian dough shapes


  • Thrust: JAB, POKE, PROD, STICK
  • Kinds of Snakes: ADDER, BOA, MAMBA, MOCCASIN
  • Seen in Cinderella: BALL, PRINCE, PUMPKIN, SLIPPER
  • Pasta Shapes: BOWTIE, ELBOW, TUBE, WHEEL


  • Don’t be discouraged if you don’t solve it today. There’s a new puzzle every day.
  • Check back tomorrow for more hints and answers.