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A Twisted Beginning

‘Damsel’ is not your typical fairy tale. It’s not about a prince saving a helpless damsel, but about a brave woman fighting for her freedom. Millie Bobby Brown’s Elodie is a noblewoman who sacrifices her happiness for her people. She marries Prince Henry, who initially seems kind and charming.

A Nightmare Unfolds

But as Elodie arrives in Aurea, she senses something amiss. The castle is ominous, and Henry’s mother is cold towards her. Then, on their wedding trip, Henry reveals a horrifying secret: Elodie is the latest sacrifice to Aurea’s dragon.

Survival in the Dragon’s Lair

Elodie refuses to be a victim. She finds herself in the dragon’s lair, where she must use her wits and strength to survive. The lair is a maze of caves, and Elodie discovers clues left by previous victims. She also uses her wedding dress as a tool for survival, bandaging wounds and climbing walls.

Millie Bobby Brown’s Triumph

Brown delivers a powerful performance as Elodie. She carries the film with her physicality and determination. The tension between Elodie and the dragon is palpable, as they learn to outsmart each other.

A Gripping Tale

‘Damsel’ is a dark fantasy that empowers its heroine. It’s a thrilling ride that combines survival horror with the themes of self-empowerment. The film premieres on Netflix on March 8th.