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Mozilla Monitor: Protecting Your Personal Data

Have you ever searched for yourself online and found a bunch of results from “people finder” websites with your personal information? These data brokers make money by selling your information, including your social media profiles and home address.

Mozilla, the organization behind the Firefox web browser, has launched a new service called Mozilla Monitor to help you remove your information from these data brokers.

Mozilla Monitor Features

Mozilla Monitor offers both a free and a paid plan. The free plan scans the web to find where your information is listed. The paid plan, Mozilla Monitor Plus, costs $13.99 per month or $8.99 per month if paid annually. This plan also includes continuous monitoring of the web for your information.

Data Brokering: A Big Business

Data brokering is a big business, with an estimated revenue of over $200 billion each year. Most people don’t realize that they can opt-out of being included by data brokers, but getting your information removed can be a tedious process.

Mozilla’s Impact

Mozilla Monitor is a significant development in the fight against data brokers. With Mozilla’s reputation and reach, this service could raise awareness about the issue of data brokering and help people protect their privacy.