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At the Oscars, comedian John Mulaney gave a hilarious rundown of the bizarre plot of “Field of Dreams.”

The Absurdity of ‘Field of Dreams’

Mulaney explained that the protagonist mows down his cornfield to build a baseball field for ghosts. Despite being broke, he ignores the bank’s demands to pay his mortgage. He then meets James Earl Jones, who plays a character named Moonlight Graham.

The Weirdest Part

Mulaney pointed out the strangest moment: Timothy Busfield pushes Gabby Hoffman off the bleachers, and she falls unconscious. Moonlight Graham then pats her on the back and says, “Hot dog in the throat.” Hoffman’s character is unable to return to the game because of a rule in ghost baseball.

Mulaney’s Love for Movies

Mulaney’s detailed and witty explanation shows his deep appreciation for movies. His performance proves that he would be an excellent host for the Oscars.