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The Power of Music

Listening to a meaningful song can evoke powerful emotions. But what if you could actually travel back in time with music?

Harriet’s Time-Traveling Adventure

In “The Greatest Hits,” Harriet (Lucy Boynton) discovers this extraordinary ability. By listening to specific songs, she can transport herself to the past.

Memories of the Past

Harriet’s time-traveling escapades take her to cherished memories of her ex-boyfriend, Max (David Corenswet), who tragically died. As she revisits these moments, she grapples with the consequences of altering the past.

A New Connection

Amidst her time-bending adventures, Harriet meets David (Justin H. Min). Their bond challenges her to choose between the past and the present.

Release Details

“The Greatest Hits” will hit theaters for a limited release on April 5th and debut on Hulu on April 12th.