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If you’re an enthusiast of MX Player, much like myself, it’s probable that you’ve already obtained the app. However, have you encountered any complications with the audio file during video streaming? If your response is affirmative, the cause might be MX Player’s recent removal of specific custom codecs from its video engine. This action resulted in compatibility issues with DTS audio, leading to the unavailability of the EAC3 audio format. Fortunately, the MX Player AIO ZIP codecs provide a convenient resolution to this matter. In this discourse, I will elucidate the process of restoring DTS compatibility on your mobile device by installing EAC3 codec packages.

Update: The separate download of the AC3 Codec is no longer necessary, as the most recent version of the MX Player app inherently supports AC3 Audio. Nonetheless, for DTS Audio, the download of a custom codec is still required, and the link for this can be found below.

About MX Player AIO ZIP Files & Codec Packs

Codecs are indispensable in MX Player to ensure smooth video streaming and avoid compatibility hitches. Unfortunately, due to licensing restrictions, MX Player had to eliminate certain custom codecs, thereby preventing users from viewing AC, DTS, and other supported videos.

Proceed to MX Player AIO ZIP & EAC3 Codec Files

Numerous users have reported difficulties in streaming EAC3-supported audio. To address this predicament, you can download the MX Player AIO ZIP & APK files, which I’ll share in this discourse. Additionally, information on acquiring MX Player Pro APK for free can be found here.

How to Rectify the EAC3 No Support Issue?

As previously mentioned, users often encounter the error message “EAC3 Audio format is not supported” while enjoying their preferred videos. EAC3 format designates the Enhanced AC-3 audio format. The exclusion of custom codecs from MX Player complicates the streaming of AC-types files, leaving no EAC3 codec file to support the audio. To tackle this predicament, users can download the MX Player custom codec zip files.

Access the direct codec files through the provided links below, offering both zip and APK formats. Follow the comprehensive process outlined below:

  1. Launch the MX Player app and select the three dots located in the upper-right corner.
  2. Navigate to Settings >> Decoder in the menu.
  3. Scroll down to the bottom and inspect the entry under Custom Codec (likely Neon or Tegra).
  4. Download the fitting codec pack directly from the provided links, featuring both zip and APK files. Choose the format that aligns with your preferences.

MX Player Codec Zip Files Download

MX_NEON.ZIP (1.49.0)

MX_NEON_64.ZIP (1.49.0)

MX_AIO.ZIP (1.49.0)

MX_X86.ZIP (1.49.0)

MX_X86_64.ZIP (1.49.0)