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Natasha Rothwell’s latest creation, “How to Die Alone,” is a thought-provoking comedy that delves into the complexities of loneliness and self-discovery.

The Concept:

Rothwell, known for her roles in “Insecure” and “The White Lotus,” takes the lead in this half-hour comedy as Mel, a woman who experiences a near-death experience on her birthday. This brush with mortality prompts her to re-evaluate her life and confront her fears and insecurities.

Mel’s Journey:

As Mel embarks on a journey of self-discovery, she encounters various challenges and opportunities. She works at JFK airport but is afraid to fly, symbolizing her reluctance to take risks. However, her near-death experience inspires her to open herself up to new experiences and embrace life.

The Roomba Metaphor:

Rothwell uses the metaphor of a Roomba to describe Mel’s journey. Just as a Roomba navigates obstacles to clean a room, Mel must confront her fears and insecurities to “clean up” her life. The series follows Mel as she encounters setbacks and moments of doubt, but she perseveres, determined to make positive changes.

The Creative Team:

Rothwell collaborates with Vera Santamaria, her co-showrunner, to bring “How to Die Alone” to life. Rothwell considers this project her most vulnerable work yet and values Santamaria’s steady hand and support.

The Cast:

Joining Rothwell in the cast are Conrad Ricamora, Jocko Sims, and KeiLyn Durrel Jones, who play Mel’s best friend, ex-boyfriend, and a fellow JFK employee, respectively. Rothwell and Santamaria ensured that the dynamics between these characters remained balanced, avoiding the typical love triangle trope.


“How to Die Alone” is set to hit Hulu this fall, promising a unique blend of humor, introspection, and personal growth.