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The Nintendo Switch 2’s release date may be further delayed, according to new rumors from Nikkei.

Earlier Rumors

In October 2023, rumors suggested that the Switch 2 might launch in September 2024. Later, the rumored launch window shifted to March 2024, coinciding with the original Switch’s 7th anniversary.

New Rumored Release Window

However, Nikkei now reports that March 2024 may be too early for the Switch 2’s release. Eurogamer and VGC also reported similar information, indicating a “Q1 2025” release date.

Reasons for the Delay

The delay is reportedly due to supply concerns. Similar to the PlayStation 5, the Nintendo Switch faced stock shortages in 2017 due to high demand. Additionally, Nintendo’s management team wants to give developers more time to create first-party titles for the console, which are crucial for Nintendo’s marketing strategy.

Nikkei’s Credibility

Nikkei is Japan’s largest financial newspaper, giving these rumors more credibility compared to previous leaks. However, until Nintendo officially comments on the matter, the information should be taken with a grain of salt.