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What is Connections?

Connections is the New York Times’ new word game where you find the common connection between four words.

How to Play

  • Group four words that share something in common.
  • Each puzzle has 16 words and four categories.
  • Only one answer is correct.
  • You get four mistakes before the game ends.
  • You can rearrange the board to make it easier.
  • Categories are color-coded: yellow (easiest), green, blue, purple.

Hint for Today’s Categories

  • Yellow: Corrections
  • Green: Argue
  • Blue: Casino games
  • Purple: Types of chips

Today’s Categories

  • Yellow: Update for Accuracy
  • Green: Quarrel
  • Blue: Games of Chance
  • Purple: ___Chip


  • Update for Accuracy: AMEND, CORRECT, FIX, REVISE
  • Quarrel: FIGHT, ROW, SCRAP, TIFF
  • Games of Chance: BINGO, LOTTERY, ROULETTE, WAR