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What is Connections?

Connections is a new word game from the New York Times where you find the common thread between four words. Like Wordle, it resets daily and gets harder each time.

Today’s Categories

  • Yellow (Easy): Breathes Heavily
  • Green: Preserves, as Meat
  • Blue: Predicaments
  • Purple: Things in “My Favorite Things”

Tips for Playing

  • Rearrange the words:

    This can help you spot connections.

  • Use the colors: Yellow is easiest, followed by green, blue, and purple.
  • Share your results: Show off your word-finding skills on social media.

Today’s Answers

  • Breathes Heavily: GASPS, HUFFS, PANTS, PUFFS
  • Preserves, as Meat: CANS, CURES, SALTS, SMOKES
  • Predicaments: BINDS, JAMS, PICKLES, SPOTS
  • Things in “My Favorite Things”: AKETTLES, MITTENS, RAINDROPS, WHISKERS

Don’t Give Up!

If you didn’t get it today, don’t worry. There’s a new Connections puzzle every day to challenge your brain.