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What is Connections?

The New York Times’ daily word game is all about finding connections between words. Each puzzle features 16 words, grouped into four categories.

How to Play

  1. Identify the categories for the day.
  2. Group the words into sets of four that share a common theme.
  3. If you get all four words in a set correct, they’re removed from the board.
  4. You get up to four mistakes before the game ends.
  5. You can rearrange and shuffle the board to help you spot connections.

Today’s Categories

Yellow: Party Pooper

Green: Musical Sections
Blue: Bit of Liquid

Purple: Vegetable Homophones


Yellow: Spoilsport
Green: Music composition
Blue: Some liquid
Purple: Veggies that aren’t veggies


Party Pooper: BORE, DRAG, DRIP, DUD
Bit of Liquid: BEAD, DROP, GLOB, TEAR
Vegetable Homophones: BEAT, CHARRED, LEAK, PEED

Don’t worry if you didn’t get it this time! There’s a new Connections puzzle every day.