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What is Connections?

Connections is the latest word game from the New York Times. It’s like Wordle, but instead of guessing a single word, you have to find the connections between four words.

How to Play Connections

Each puzzle has 16 words divided into four categories. Your goal is to group the words in each category that share something in common.

You can rearrange and shuffle the words to make it easier to spot the connections. Each category is color-coded: yellow (easiest), green, blue, and purple (hardest).

You get four mistakes before the game ends.

Hints for Today’s Connections

Yellow: Sewing
Green: Food preservation

Blue: Sharpness
Purple: Birds with missing last letters

Today’s Connections Categories

Yellow: Things to Sew
Green: Ways to Preserve Food
Blue: Sharp Quality
Purple: Birds Minus Last Letter

Answers to Today’s Connections

Things to Sew: DART, HEM, PLEAT, SEAM
Ways to Preserve Food: CAN, CURE, DRY, FREEZE
Birds Minus Last Letter: CONDO, HAW, HERO, LOOD/p>