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  • First full month of spring: April
  • Big cost for a working parent: Daycare
  • Affectionate toward: Sweet on
  • Pb on the periodic table: Lead
  • Washington NBA team: Wizards
  • Company that created ChatGPT: OpenAI
  • Walk like a duck: Waddle


  • Targets of Internet blockers: Ads
  • Bear hand: Paw
  • What “them good old boys were drinkin’,” in Don McLean’s “American Pie”: Rye
  • Country with a renowned “Ring Road”: Iceland
  • Like a career move that doesn’t improve salary or title: Lateral
  • Band assistant: Roadie
  • Conclusions: Ends
  • Knock the socks off: Wow
  • Hoppy brew, for short: IPA
  • British “Z”: Zed