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OnlyFans has emerged as a highly profitable side hustle, as revealed by Keeper, a tax-filing service catering to freelance workers. Among the top side hustles, OnlyFans had the highest median income.

Key Findings

  • OnlyFans: Median annual income of $4,995
  • DoorDash: Median annual income of $2,636
  • InstaCart: Median annual income of $3,445

Delivery Side Hustles

Delivery side hustles, such as DoorDash, Uber, and InstaCart, were the most popular among Keeper users. InstaCart proved to be the most lucrative of the three, with a median annual income of $3,445.

Median vs. Average Income

It’s important to note that the reported incomes are median incomes, not average incomes. This means that there are likely some individuals on OnlyFans who make substantial amounts of money, while others may make very little or nothing at all. In contrast, delivery side hustles typically guarantee some payment for the work completed.

OnlyFans as a Subscription-Based Site

OnlyFans is primarily a subscription-based platform for creators of sexual content. It’s understandable that it can offer higher earnings compared to delivery side hustles due to the nature of its content and the willingness of subscribers to pay for exclusive access.

Research Methodology

Keeper’s findings are based on a sample of 2,200 users who had both W-2 and 1099 income, indicating that they have an employer and are also self-employed, suggesting that they engage in side hustles.


As a side hustle, OnlyFans can potentially yield significant earnings, with a median annual income of nearly $5,000. However, it’s important to remember that individual earnings can vary greatly, and there are likely many creators on the platform who make little to no money.