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OpenAI’s Hollywood Charm Offensive

OpenAI is courting Hollywood with its AI video generator, Sora. CEO Sam Altman and COO Brad Lightcap are meeting with filmmakers and studios to promote the tool. Some big names in the industry already have access to Sora.

Concerns about Sora’s Data and Impact

Sora’s announcement has raised concerns about the data used to train it. Creatives suspect it was scraped without their consent. OpenAI has also faced copyright infringement lawsuits over its large language models, which power ChatGPT.

AI’s Threat to the Film Industry

AI video tools could replace jobs in VFX, writing, and acting. Hollywood unions have fought to limit AI use in writers’ rooms and create compensation for actors whose likenesses are used in AI-generated content.

‘Artistwashing’ by OpenAI

OpenAI published positive feedback from select testers, but critics argue that this is a controlled narrative. They accuse OpenAI of “artistwashing” by soliciting positive comments while training on people’s work without permission or payment.

Hollywood’s Resistance

If OpenAI wants to conquer Hollywood, it needs to be prepared for resistance. The industry is concerned about the impact of AI on jobs and creativity.