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OpenAI has released Sora, an AI tool that creates videos. And they’re exactly as wild as you’d imagine.

What Sora Can Do

Here are some examples of Sora’s creations:

  • A video of a dog riding a skateboard
  • A video of a cat playing the piano
  • A video of a person dancing in a field

Concerns About Generative AI

While Sora is impressive, there are also concerns about generative AI and the speed at which it’s developing. However, videos were the next logical step after ChatGPT’s text and DALL-E’s images.

The Future of Hollywood

Some people believe that Sora and other generative AI tools could change the future of Hollywood. They could make it possible to create videos that are more realistic and immersive than ever before. However, others are concerned about the potential for these tools to be used for malicious purposes.