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Streaming services are getting serious about password-sharing. Max, formerly known as HBO Max, is the latest to announce a crackdown on accounts suspected of sharing passwords.

Max’s Password-Sharing Policy

Max will start informing subscribers of its new policy later this year, with plans to fully implement paid sharing in 2025. This means that subscribers who share their passwords with people outside their household may face consequences.

Streaming Services United Against Password-Sharing

Max is not alone in its efforts to curb password-sharing. Netflix, Disney+, Hulu, and ESPN+ have all taken similar measures. These services define password-sharing as allowing individuals outside of a subscriber’s household to access their account.

Max’s Struggles and the Potential Benefits of a Crackdown

Max has been struggling to grow in the competitive streaming market. Despite having popular shows like “Game of Thrones” and “The Last of Us,” the service has lost subscribers in recent years. The password-sharing crackdown could help Max increase revenue and attract new subscribers.

Netflix’s Success with Password-Sharing Restrictions

Netflix has seen positive results from its password-sharing crackdown. After implementing the policy, Netflix gained tens of thousands of new signups and added millions of subscribers. This suggests that Max may also benefit from a similar approach.


Max’s decision to crack down on password-sharing may not be popular with users, but it could prove to be a successful strategy for the streaming service. As more services adopt similar policies, the days of sharing passwords may soon be coming to an end.