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In the movie “Dune: Part Two,” Paul Atreides faces off against the evil Baron Harkonnen.

The Fate of the Baron

In the original book, Baron Harkonnen is killed by Paul’s sister, Alia. However, in the movie, Paul takes on this task himself.

Paul’s Last Words

As Paul kills the Baron, he utters the words, “You die like an animal.” This is not just an insult but a reference to the Gom Jabbar test.

The Gom Jabbar Test

The Gom Jabbar is a device used by the Bene Gesserit to test humanity. It inflicts pain on the subject, and only those who can control their impulses survive.

Paul’s Insinuation

By calling the Baron an animal, Paul suggests that he is driven by instinct rather than reason. This is reinforced by the fact that Paul stabs the Baron in the neck, the same spot where the Gom Jabbar would strike.

A Nod to the Book

Paul’s line also alludes to the Baron’s death in the book, where he is killed by Alia using the Gom Jabbar. This adds another layer of meaning to Paul’s words.