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Are you a sucker for romantic comedies? Do you crave lovable losers, heartwarming hijinks, and happy endings? If so, welcome to the club! We understand the obsession with these fictional romances that evoke real emotions. But not every rom-com is worth our time.

If you’re looking for something silly, sexy, satisfying, and swoon-worthy, Plus One is the perfect date night pick.

The Hell of Wedding Season

For the bride and groom, the wedding day is a dream come true. But for the singles stuck at the singles table, it can be a unique torture.

Plus One follows Ben (Jack Quaid) and Alice (Maya Erskine), friends since college, who find themselves enduring the hell of wedding season. They begin the film as each other’s shoulders to moan on, sharing embarrassing moments and commiserating over their love lives.

A Platonic Pact

With all of his wingmen wedded, Ben reluctantly turns to Alice to help him hook up with eligible bridesmaids. Alice is grateful for someone to deflect attention away from inquiries about her ex. They form a platonic pact of shared beds but no cuddling.

One vulnerable night leads them to decide they should team up for wedding season, becoming each other’s plus-ones to make each event a little less miserable. But along the way, they fall in love.

Unrelenting Wedding Shenanigans

The plot line may be predictable, but the execution is kept fresh through the unrelenting barrage of wedding shenanigans. The chemistry between Maya Erskine and Jack Quaid is undeniable.

Each wedding features a traditionally terrible speech, given by a maid of honor or best man who can’t help but bring up awkward childhood stories or tawdry family secrets. This narrative device reinvigorates the episodic structure with fresh jokes and incorporates familiar comedy faces.

Cynicism and Fumbling

Similar to Palm Springs, Plus One displays the protagonists’ cynicism toward romance through their mockery of nuptial tropes. Some wedding day traditions demand scorn, like groomsmen trying to do cool poses for group pictures and failing stupendously.

Here, the wedding is not the destination for the couple; it’s a fumbling ground where friendship leads to flirtations, a distinctly macabre hookup, and finally, confessing feelings they may not be ready to handle.

A Match Made in Messy Love Heaven

Maya Erskine offers a grown-up variation on her awkward PEN15 character in Plus One. Alice is unapologetically juvenile and brash, making loud jokes about her hairy asshole and vagina to make Ben squirm.

Jack Quaid brings a neurotic leading man energy, toned down from his Star Trek: Lower Decks persona. Together, they exchange witty barbs, playing into the opposites-attract trope.

A Must-Watch Rom-Com

Overall, Plus One is an odd couple that’s easy to fall in love with. Treat yourself to what could be your next favorite rom-com and RSVP to Plus One.

How to Watch:

Plus One is now streaming on Netflix.