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Unveiling the Largest Ivory Poaching Ring in Indian History

Prime Video’s “Poacher” takes viewers on a gripping journey into the heart of the ivory trade in India. Based on the true story of the largest ivory poaching ring in Indian history, the series sheds light on a pressing issue that threatens the survival of elephants.

A Fictionalized Crime Show with a Human Touch

Set in 2015, “Poacher” begins with the confession of Kunjumon Devasey, a 62-year-old man who turns himself in to the Indian Forest Service division office in Kerala. His admission triggers an investigation that uncovers a vast network of hunters, carriers, and buyers involved in the illegal killing of elephants.

A Stellar Cast and Crew

Directed by Richie Mehta, “Poacher” boasts a talented cast, including Nimisha Sajayan, Roshan Mathew, and Dibyendu Bhattacharya. The series oscillates between Hindi, Malayalam, and English, reflecting the diverse linguistic landscape of India.

Mehta’s Vision: A Unique Blend of Drama and Conservation

Mehta, the Emmy-winning filmmaker behind “Delhi Crime,” had a clear vision for “Poacher.” He aimed to combine dramatic storytelling with conservation awareness, creating a narrative that would engage audiences while highlighting the plight of elephants.

Drawing Inspiration from Real-Life Heroes

Mehta conducted extensive interviews with individuals involved in the investigation and trial, drawing inspiration from their experiences to create authentic characters. The series is a testament to the dedication of conservationists, forest officers, and other authorities who work tirelessly to protect wildlife.

Educational Insights through Prime’s X-Ray Feature

“Poacher” goes beyond entertainment by incorporating educational elements through Amazon’s X-Ray feature. Viewers can access annotations on every animal featured in the series, providing statistics, fun facts, and information about their contribution to the ecosystem.

Empathy as a Key Element

Mehta emphasizes the importance of empathy in understanding the complexities of ivory poaching. He believes that addressing the financial incentives that drive poaching requires acknowledging the challenges faced by individuals involved in the trade.

A Widespread Issue: Elephant Poaching in India

Despite efforts to combat poaching, the illegal ivory trade persists in India. The series highlights the ongoing need for conservation efforts to protect elephants and other endangered species.

The Urgency of Drastic Action

Mehta stresses the urgency of taking drastic action to prevent the extinction of coveted species. He believes that audience empathy can play a crucial role in raising awareness and inspiring change.

Poacher: Now Streaming on Prime Video

“Poacher” is now available on Prime Video, offering viewers a thought-provoking and immersive experience that sheds light on the ivory trade and the fight to protect elephants.