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A Word of Love and Endearment

Campbell and Jett Puckett, a viral social media couple, have endeared themselves to millions of TikTok users with their use of the term “Pookie.” This term of endearment, originating from the rural South, has a rich history and has been used by various communities for decades.

The Origins of Pookie

According to Nicole Holliday, an associate professor of linguistics, the term “Pookie” has been used in Black communities and non-Black communities in the South since at least the 1930s. It is believed that African Americans took the term with them during the Great Migration, spreading it to urban areas in the 1900s.

Pookie’s Popularity on TikTok

In recent years, “Pookie” has gained popularity on TikTok, thanks in part to the Pucketts. Jett’s affectionate use of the term for his wife, Campbell, has captured the hearts of millions of viewers, leading to a surge in its usage on the platform.

Pookie’s Changing Meaning

As “Pookie” continues to spread across TikTok, its meaning is evolving. Originally used as a vocative case (a term used to address someone directly), it is now being used as a third-person reference, changing its meaning to fit the ever-changing internet lexicon.

Pookie’s Impact on Language

The popularity of “Pookie” on TikTok highlights the platform’s ability to appropriate and popularize regional expressions, distilling their complex meanings into something more palatable for online consumption. It also serves as a reminder of the rich cultural history of language and the importance of understanding the origins of words before using them.