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Free $20 E-Gift Card:

  • Pre-order ‘Skull and Bones’ at Best Buy for Xbox Series X|S or PlayStation 5 and get a $10 e-Gift Card.
  • The offer is valid from February 8th.
  • The e-Gift Card will be added to your cart automatically and will be emailed to you after the game releases on February 16th.

Skull and Bones:

  • Skull and Bones is an upcoming game that lets you sail to the heart of the Indian Ocean as a pirate.
  • You can explore the land, clash in naval battles, and more, all with your own customizable pirate and pirate ship.
  • The game has been delayed multiple times since its original announcement, but it’s finally set to be released on February 16th.

Save Money with Pre-Order:

  • By pre-ordering Skull and Bones at Best Buy, you can save $10 on the game’s $69.99 price tag.
  • You can use the $10 e-Gift Card to purchase another game or anything else at Best Buy.

Open Beta:

  • The open beta for Skull and Bones is going on right now from February 8th through February 11th.
  • You can jump in and try the game with your friends before deciding whether to pre-order it.