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  • PS5 Slim with disc drive: $499
  • PS5 Slim without disc drive: $449
  • Original PS5 with disc drive: $499
  • Original PS5 without disc drive: $399


  • PS5 Slim (disc version): 96mm x 358mm x 216mm
  • PS5 Slim (digital version): 80mm x 358mm x 216mm
  • Original PS5 (disc version): 104mm x 390mm x 260mm
  • Original PS5 (digital version): 92mm x 390mm x 260mm

Horsepower and Storage

  • Both PS5 Slim models have the same internal capabilities as the original PS5.
  • PS5 Slim models have 1TB of built-in storage compared to 825GB in the original PS5.

Disc Drive

  • PS5 Slim comes in two models: with and without a built-in disc drive.
  • There’s also an optional detachable disc drive for $79.99.